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Episode 9: Friends with Benefits: Teman Ahok & Money Politics (Ahok Pt. 2)

EPISODE 9: FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: TEMAN AHOK & MONEY POLITICS (AHOK PT.2) In this episode, we discuss the recent controversies around Teman Ahok — a grassroots, volunteer-driven independent organization committed toward supporting current Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, more commonly known as Ahok, and his 2017 independent gubernatorial re-election campaign — in particular, whether the initial funding …

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Episode 3: Kali-Oh-No! (Ahok Pt. 1)

EPISODE 3: KALI-OH-NO! (AHOK PT. 1) In this episode of Dialogika, we discuss the recent eviction and demolition of the Kalijodo neighborhood in North Jakarta, in particular focusing on Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama—more commonly known as “Ahok”— and his ‘strongman’ tactics, which involved the presence of military (TNI) forces in executing said eviction & demolition. We …

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Episode 54: Stuck in a Rock and a Hard Place

Episode 54: Stuck in a Rock and a Hard Place Note: In our 55th episode, we talk about what happened with this episode, which we re-uploaded under a different title. The short story is we’ve received feedback that the original episode was too offensive for general Indonesian sensibilities given its strong language. In the interest …

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