Dialogika is a podcast between two friends about the latest in politics, society, and feminism in Indonesia and the world.

Co-hosted by CREATIVE consultant/designer Swedian Lie and entrepreneur Stephanie Tangkilisan, this podcast is our attempt at making sense of this crazy world we live in. Armed with the flimsy but earnest logic of mid-twenties millennials, we take a fresh & spirited look at current events and trending moments, and discuss its broader implications socially, politically, and theoretically.

Swedian Lie is a creative & design consultant/designer with expertise in political campaigns, digital marketing, advertising, and identity design. He studied Fine Arts (Painting) and Theater & Performance Studies in Georgetown University, and is also a freelance theater designer/director. He is a proud feminist (even if it took him a while to get comfortable calling himself that) and is unabashedly in love (and hate) with politics. During the day you can usually find him in a coffee shop somewhere in the world, typing in hex codes and manipulating Bezier curves (as well as cursing the all-too-frequent dearth of Wi-Fi networks)—and it’s probably the same routine during the night as well. Rinse and repeat #officenomad



Stephanie Tangkilisan has been a feminist before she knew what it meant and a strong independent woman who #dontnneednoman. She loves her dog Simone (named after Simone de Beauvior, immersing herself in the ocean and trying to understand feminist philosophy. She studied Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Chicago, where she read things written by dead bules (white people). During the week you can find her finding random things to indignantly rage on while procrastinating on her day job. She is also a progressive who feels deathly guilty for benefitting from the capitalist system and yearns for a zombie apocalypse to rid her of her bourgeois guilt. She daydreams about retiring on a farm and writing the next great Indonesian novel.




WE KNOW WE DO, AND WE FEEL 100% GUILTY ABOUT IT. That said, we did both grew up attending an international school here in Jakarta and spent our formative years learning, writing and speaking in English, before going to the United States for university. There, we studied most of the material we talk about in English and, as such, think about them in English as well. We can read, write, and speak in Indonesian, but it gets awkward real fast when we talk to each other in Indonesian about some of these topics (we’re also atrocious translators). So in an effort to remain authentic and true to who we are as individuals—reflecting not only our interests but also our background and privilege—we wanted to stick to using one language as much as possible, and felt that English was the language we’re most natural in and comfortable with.


WE KNOW WE DO, AND WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT 100%. We try keep our privilege in check, and we apologize for any lapses in wokeness. #alwayslearning #neverwokeenough


Can’t a guy and a girl be platonic friends and talk about the world in a podcast and not have people ask if they’re dating or not?! But, to answer your question, hell no (with love).