Episode 29: Anies Through the Looking Glass

In this episode, we give our reactions to Anies Baswedan’s victory in Jakarta’s recent, very heated gubernatorial race. We take a closer look at Anies’ significant win, in which he won by a double-digit margin of 57.9% to Ahok’s 42%, which included a whooping 33 out of 40 of Jakarta’s sub-districts compared to Ahok’s 7. We also hear the reactions of other Jakarta citizens to Anies’ victory and discuss its ramifications, given how much Anies has courted radical Islamic groups during his campaign — a tactic that proved to be instrumental to his success.

We also take this opportunity to dig deeper into Anies Baswedan’s profile and background as an educator and (formerly) moderate Muslim public figure, as well as his weak 2-year track record as Minister of Education and Culture, which ultimately led to his rather public dismissal in 2016. Finally, we wrap up with a pragmatic analysis of what the future holds for an Anies-governed Jakarta, and how we should take this huge loss for the liberal base as an impetus to fight harder & organize better in our nation’s democratic system in pursuit of progressive values.

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For those interested in learning more about the topic, we’ve provided links to resources as well as other recommended readings.
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