Episode 17: Embracing Your Inner Ladyboss — A Conversation with Farina Situmorang
Swedian’s out for the next couple of episodes, fighting the good fight in the United States and helping America elect its first female president — so for the next few weeks, we’ll have some special guests on the show to talk about feminism, politics, and everything in between!

In this episode, we have Jakarta’s resident #ladyboss Farina Situmorang, who’s the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Strategy, as well as the mind behind the widely lauded and extremely successful social media campaign for the 2014 Jokowi-JK presidential campaign. We talk about all the different aspects of female leadership, in particular how in the conference circuit — especially the “women in tech” circuit — female executives are often asked about “the struggles of being a female leader,” without necessarily talking about the virtues and strengths of female leadership. We also discuss how women can embrace and ‘own’ their inner bossyness, especially in the face of double standards about professional leadership.

Farina shares her insights on tantric philosophy and its concept of feminine and masculine energies, which is a particularly helpful perspective to have when rejecting rigid gender roles, stereotypes, and external societal pressures and/or norms. Finally, we talk with Farina about the journey of “reclaiming one’s femininity” as bossy ladies — and how, ultimately, our path to happiness is about embracing ourselves, our own life’s path, rejecting society’s notion of a formula-for-everyone, and simply caring less about what others think about you! Here’s to female empowerment in the workplace!

Thanks for listening!
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