Episode 52: In Pursuit of Pride & Progress — A Conversation with Rocky Intan

In this episode, Stephanie is still out, so Swedian talks to a longtime friend and supporter of Dialogika, Rocky Intan, who is currently getting his Masters in Public Policy at Columbia University. This conversation was originally planned for June, as it was Pride Month, and we talk about Rocky’s experience as an out gay man living in America right now, comparing it to the situation back home in Indonesia. We talk about the power & importance of Pride, not just as a celebration of one’s identity but also as a way of making visible the marginalized LGBTQ community. Rocky shares the nuances of his coming out experience, including the financial, social, and relational implications. From there we talk about how we cannot take for granted that liberals and progressives are necessarily as open-minded about the LGBTQ community as we think they are, and that if we are true progressives we need to fight for a society that is equal, open, and just for all — not just for the heteronormative.

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The Coming Out Cycle — Why we need to recognize the cyclical nature of the coming out process
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