EPISODE 15: On #RElationshipGoals

In this episode, we’re entering the weird and wonderful world of #RelationshipGoals (not that we are the gatekeepers of perfect relationships; we definitely are not) as we share a little bit about what we think are good goals to have in any healthy and positive feminist relationship!

Speaking from monogamous heterosexual perspectives (since that’s the experience we can speak from), we talk about the start of relationships, in particular debunking this myth of the ‘friend zone’ and restoring the value of platonic friendships (from two platonic friends). We share some basic relationship tenets of mutual respect and growth, as well as break down the stereotypical gendered view of relationship dynamics, which often positions the woman as “emotional” and the man as “rational” and pits them against each other in an unfair, male-biased environment. We discuss the end of relationships, specifically how we differ in our treatment of exes post-breakup (one of the few things we diverge on). Finally, we end with a strong endorsement for the use of the term “partner” in describing relationships — because, at the end of the day, you and your partner are both on the same team and that team is working towards one goal, which is the relationship itself, and that’s truly a #RelationshipGoal worth fighting for! 

Thanks for listening!

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