Episode 25: Walk the Talk — Women’s March Jakarta

In this episode, we catch up with Stephanie, who participated in and helped organize the first ever Women’s March Jakarta that happened on Saturday, March 4th, 2017, all along one of the major thoroughfares in the city towards the Presidential Palace. The event was a resounding success, with over 30 organizations involved and estimates of anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand people attending the march — including the disabled community as well as the trans community. As one of the organizers, Stephanie shared the experience of putting together this event, both as a radical feminist as well as a maturing activist. Held in conjunction with this year’s International Women’s Day — which is on the 8th — Swedian unpacks briefly the history of the day, in particular its rarely-spoken-of socialist roots. We discuss a couple of international events planned for IWD, including the “A Day Without A Woman” campaign in the United States. Finally, we wrap up our conversation with Stephanie’s reflections and hopes for what the Women’s March Jakarta has already inspired and is aspiring towards. Here’s to continuing our fight for women’s rights and equality! #WomensMarchJKT #PerempuanBersatu #InternationalWomensDay 

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For those interested in learning more about the topic, we’ve provided links to resources as well as other recommended readings.
Hundreds of women gather for Women’s March Jakarta — courtesy of Rappler Indonesia
The many voices of Women’s March Jakarta 2017 — photos of the march, courtesy of The Jakarta Post
#PerempuanBersatu: A Photo Essay — courtesy of Coconuts Jakarta
The Intersectionality of the Women’s March Jakarta — looking at representation and allyship
Women’s March Jakarta, One Step Towards Equality — an interview with Anindya Restuviani, one of the organizers
Some of the wonderful organizations involved in the women’s march include: aliansi Damai Tanpa Diskriminasi, Arus Pelangi, TransSchool, Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia, Migrant Care, jurnal perempuan, and many more!
Tuntutan Women’s March di Jakarta — Stephanie’s breakdown of the 8 Demands Campaign (in Indonesian)
A Day Without A Woman — the next action organized by the Women’s March organization in the U.S.
The “Day Without a Woman” strike, explained — courtesy of Vox