Episode 44: Women’s March 2018 and #LawanBersama — A Conversation with Kerri Na Basaria

In this episode, Swedian chats with Kerri Na Basaria, the lead organizer of this year’s Women’s March Jakarta and one of Swedian and Stephanie’s oldest friends! The 2018 Women’s March Jakarta happened on March 3, 2018, and amassed almost 2,000 people — more than twice the number of attendees of the 2o17 Women’s March Jakarta. Not only that, there has been an increase in terms of cities all across Indonesia holding their own marches this year, from as near as Bandung to as far as remote Sumba, with 12 cities in total alongside Jakarta. Swedian and Kerri talk about this incredible growth as well as the March’s ability to reach the younger generation in Indonesia, mobilizing them to go beyond online support of activism and into the streets to participate in these kinds of actions. They discuss the importance of showing up as a community to fight for women’s rights — in particular against gender-based violence, which is this year’s theme — especially in light of increasing extremism and divisive political rhetoric that’s spreading all across Indonesia and the world right now. 

As part of this episode, we have soundbites from the March itself, including chants as well as excerpts from a speech made by Saras Dewi, a University of Indonesia lecturer, and a poetry reading by Hannah al-Rashid, a well-known Indonesian actress and women’s rights advocate, of a poem by Australian rights activist Joyce Stevens

Thanks for listening! #lawanbersama

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